Hypochondria or: How I take something and totally blow it out of preportion

by thesilverhorde

Say I discover I have an odd looking rash on my arm. What I would usually proceed to do is jump to the terrifying and absurd conclusion that I have cancer– or something to that effect. Throbbing pain in my head, would of course mean I’m experiencing a brain hemorrhage. I am a self diagnosed hypochondriac (which in itself is problematic). Hypochondria (if you don’t know) refers to “excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness”.

Even though I know this about myself,  I still keep on doing it.

Right now I’m in the midst of obsessing about going to a gynecologist. I think this specific hypochondriac episode is a symptom of my underlying guilt and feeling of shame about having partaken in “pleasures of the flesh” and finding it uh pleasurable…

If there’s one thing I can do really well it’s worry and obsess. People have told me this before, but I really think I need start seeing a therapist or something.