The Self

by thesilverhorde

The moment I decide to take on more responsibility because I have time- then WHAM!-  even more responsibilities sprout up like STD’s. Lord have mercy. Luckily, my social life’s also mutitated into something alive and oscillating. I’m happy about that though. It keeps me busy and that way I don’t think about my shitty personal life. Like I’m doing now….Moving on.

Times change and life goes on. Can a person’s essence stay the same while growth and change occurs? I am still me, though I’m different now from when I was 10 ears old. Is memory the only thing connecting my ten year old and present ?

Thank goodness we change.Everytime I reflect on my previous actions/convictions/ words- the fact that I was an idiot strikes me repeatedly.  Will I ever be happy with the person that I am?