If the clinically depressed robot Marvin blogged, this would be it.

Month: December, 2011

In hindsight.

I feel just as restless and trapped like when I was a teenager. This will be last time ever I torture myself by going to my hometown for the whole holiday. Brief visits will be the rule.

I hate it here, and being here makes me hate myself.



Long expected return

It’s been a long while since I’ve been on this blog. I have been busy over at tumblr.¬† Microblogging at tumblr isn’t such a schlepp. Though, I can be more serious here on wordpress. With the added advantage that not a lot of people¬† knows about this blog. That way I can, without fear of upsetting or offending people I know, say what I want. Although, that seems redundant. What’s the use in making my opinion and thoughts known, if I just bleat it about unbeknowst. It’s obvious I lack courage. It’s also blatantly clear in my relationship with my father (or rather the lack thereof). But I digress…

The reason I’m writing here on wordpress, is that the desire to write has caught hold of me again.

So, hello Unknown Internet Reader, if you have read on thus far, I applaud you. Who knows maybe in the years to come I will become a famous writer and then You can say,

” You know, I read her blog in the 2010’s, when nobody knew her.”

Then people would stammer, and gape at you with brimming jealousy and chide themselves for their ill luck.