Weekend at the folks

I’m back home for the first time since January. I haven’t posted stuff here because it uses too much internet cap. My parents have more cap so I’m going to exploit it. Though this will probably be one of few sporadic posts. I don’t go home a lot. This visit to my parents is really much-needed. It’s been a challenge living with my sister. I just need to spend time with other people.

The point of this blog today (yes! there is a point) is about music and movies. My friend gave me a documentary series about music – a BBC show called The 7 ages of rock. It was amazing. I learned so much. As I’m typing this I have multiple windows open about various rock bands ,trying to get even more information on them. I’m afraid this has started another frenzy. The documentary just focused on American and British bands though. But I guess that’s where it all started. I think I have new insight in Today’s music because I now know its history. The concept goes for anything. If you want to understand anything; clothes, people, movies, media, people, countries and just about everything else ,  you  look at their past…Though, are people only the product of their past?

I have also seen a lot of good movies lately. Black Swan, The Kings Speech, Fight Club, Snatch and lastly Amelie. Which will be my favourite movie untill I see something better.

These are stills from the movie.