If the clinically depressed robot Marvin blogged, this would be it.

Month: November, 2010


I like writing a lot.  So I decided to randomly start writing a story Right here, Right now,  with the first phrase that pops in my head….POP!  Please,Mr. Einstein. Pretty random phrase if you ask me, but it’s the title of Jean- Claude Carrierre’s book of that name.http://www.randomhouse.co.uk/minisites/pleasemr/   The book is lying on my desk….Okay, here goes.

“Please, Mr Einstein!”

That’s the legendary phrase that’s been handed down from my grandfather to my father and lastly to me. Those words my grandfather  said to Albert Einstein himself. My grandad was in London and Albert Einstein walked just past him.  At first gramps, Daniel, just saw a flurry of white hair. Daniel stood there and thought he’d be lucky one day to have that amount of hair left. A reseeding hairline was not a pleasant thing, thought 28 year old Daniel.  Then he finally came to him just who ambled past him.  Albert Einstein.

Without thinking Daniel’s legs carried him hurriedly forward, after Mr Einstein. His wild hair came into view.  Was Mr Einstein…creeping?! It certainly looked like it. He was hugging the wall with his back and kept on looking suspiciously around him. Daniel came nearer.

Was Mr Einstein talking to himself?  He could just about distinguish his voice in a rather carrying whisper.

Daniel was pretty worried by now. So he had heard about that notion that genius people are sometimes a bit… not all there – if you get my meaning? But was that the case with Mr Einstein? Did the man think he was some sort of spy? Or maybe he thought someone was after him. The latter seemed like a believable hypothesis. All sorts of people probably wanted to talk to him. He was frightfully interesting after all.

Daniel’s morbid curiosity got the better of him.

Daniel cleared his throat, hoping he would notice him.  Too no avail Mr Einstein kept on mumbling. 

Please, Mr Einstein -”  Einstein spun around . ” What is it boy? You’ve been following me for three blocks. “

Daniel was thoroughly taken aback. “Uhm -“

“Boy, do you think anyone ever would have listened to me if I said “Uhm” if someone asked me a question . No!Not that they always do though. But it stands to reason that being eloquent is a very important if not social device, but a survival trait! The better speakers  for example, politicians have a far greater capacity to hunt and reproduce. That’s survival. Eating and sex.” Einstein chuckled to himself, but Daniel was a bit disorientated – he was loony after all!

We sound like animals, do we not? But see that’s where our own reason comes in, boy. There is some greater purpose. Purpose would have been lost on us if we were no better that your average cow, don’t you think?

A cow?! Did he just call me a cow, thought Daniel wildly. Mr Einstein must have seen the sheer confusion in Daniel’s eyes.

Auf Wiedersehen, boy. Must run, and conspiratorially  added, women!” And then he was gone. Daniel had met one of the greatest intellectuals of the century and the tragic, inevitable  loss of hair was forgotten.



I decided to put some of my photos on this blog…Here goes

This is my nephew and niece at some family meet we had a while ago

This one above was taken in a field near my house.

I’ll upload some later…maybe…But I love photography! It comes easy to me, I don’t know why. Way easier than painting or sketching comes anyway.


So, allegedly this is the season to be jolly. I beg to differ sometimes.  My family is at the best of times a tad dysfunctional . I’m at university now, but I’m back in my hometown for Christmas.I’ve only been here for three, almost four, days and I wanna go insane. My sisters and I keep fighting. My grandfather is an old coot my grandmother is cleanfreak and I avoid my dad because we can’t even have a coherent conversation about the weather. But at least my mom is all right. Maybe I’m at fault here. I’m the one that has to get used to my family set up all over again.

So the last few days I have been keeping myself busy with reading, internet surfing, playing piano and painting. Sounds awesome I have to admit. I feel like one of those people that go on some sort of break to reflect about all sorts of stuff and make art and music. Like a bohemian. I can definitely be a bohemian. Or maybe some sort of philosopher.  Although it’s a bit of an emotional trip to philosophize (I know because I have a philosophy class at university) and sometimes it causes severe cases of brain aneurysms. Being braindead because the the question of Life, the Universe and Everything is a bit too….much, is not that pleasant -to me at least.

So maybe I’ll put some of my personal art and photography on here. It’s easier to expose myself to strangers (in regard to my own art, ideas, opinions etc) than to people in my life.  Maybe I’m just a  coward.

The Plunge

I first got the idea for doing a blog when I read a blog of this one guy I knew. He’s blog was about music and while reading it I thought  “Aggh, I could totally do this.”  I then forgot about it until three weeks ago when I was super bored in-between exams. I toyed with the idea and I wondered what I should write about – I have so many interests and hobbies! It occurred to me that I could  write about everything!  And so this is what I’m setting out to do. Art, music, movies, philosophy, culture, science, theology, life, whatever is on my mind – that will be the subject matter!

So welcome. I am about to dilate time. Attempt to expand it. Attempt to understand it – life, the universe and everything.